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VA Board of Dentistry Intends to Require Jurisprudence Exam: Public Comment Period Open

The Virginia Board of Dentistry has proposed to amend regulations that would require the passage of an examination on the laws and regulations governing the practice of dentistry for initial licensure and renewal of licensure (every 3 years).  Their statement of intention for this requirement is “The goal of the planned regulatory action is to improve the licensee familiarity with laws and regulations to facilitate compliance, reduce the number of complaints received, and eliminate some of the violations the Board has found in adjudicating disciplinary matters.”  

The comment period for this Notice of Intended Regulatory Action (NOIRA) is currently open and the period will end on December 16, 2015.  We encourage all VDA members to submit a comment before this deadline.  The following link will take you to information on this NOIRA and you should click on the red “In Progress” hyperlink next to comment period to submit your comment.