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White House Issues Memorandum Freezing All New And Pending Regulations.

The ADA News (1/23, Garvin) reports that the White House issued a memorandum on Jan. 20 to federal agencies, ordering them to freeze all new and pending regulations in order to allow the Trump administration opportunity to review. According to the article, “The mandate, which is similar to what the Obama administration did in 2009 and the Bush administration in 2001, applies to any regulation that has not been published in the Federal Register or yet taken effect.” Among the regulations affected is “the Environmental Protection Agency’s final rule requiring dental offices nationwide to install amalgam separators by 2019.” The EPA will need to resubmit the rule. The Confidentiality of Substance Use Disorder Patient Records final rule, which was expected to take effect on Feb. 17, is also affected and will now be postponed. The freeze does not affect the Food and Drug Administration’s final rule banning most powdered gloves, which went into effect Jan. 18.