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General Assembly Reaches “Crossover” During Difficult Week in Virginia

February 5 marked “Crossover” in the VA General Assembly as all bills must be acted on by that date in the chamber of their sponsor. To say the past week in Virginia has been eventful would be a significant understatement.  Rumors swirl, accusations fly and tempers are understandably short as Virginia’s dirty laundry is aired in front a national audience, however; in the midst of all the drama, there is a tremendous amount of work to be done – the House alone will have considered over 560 bills in just the last two days alone.

The “Silent PPO” legislation that the VDA asked Delegate Ware to patron in the House (HB1682) passed the House of Delegates unanimously and will likely be heard on February 11 in the Senate Commerce and Labor Committee.  We do not anticipate any issues but we will run through the tape to ensure there are no issues and that the bill gets to the Governor’s desk quickly after final passage.  There now are only 17 days until scheduled adjournment of the 2019 Virginia General Assembly Session.   We will continue to keep ​you updated.