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PPE - How and where to donate

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Many VDA members have responded to the call from VDA President, Dr. Elizabeth Reynolds, recently to take stock and consider donating any PPE you can spare to your local emergency coordination agency that can get it to front-line health care workers experiencing shortages. Thank you!

These supplies are important to stopping the spread of the virus and protecting health care workers and patients in the coming days. The VDA and VDA Foundation are part of a joint effort with the Virginia Department of Health and the Virginia Hospital and Healthcare Association to get supplies to where they’re most needed, and we will be updating this page with more details as they’re available.

Right now, we ask you to take inventory of what could be donated. In the meantime, individual members have been stepping up, and we will share information about those opportunities below.

These are decisions that will need to be made based on your office’s needs, and, for those of you who are seeing patients for emergency care, without compromising your ability to continue seeing those patients and keeping them out of the hospital. For those of you able to donate, you can make a big difference in Virginia getting through this public health crisis.

We will be keeping an updated list of resources for where to donate and what donations are most needed here as we hear more from local health districts and the state response.

Virginia’s Department of Emergency Management has issued a survey to gather information from the private sector on issues they are experiencing and offers of assistance to Virginia (donation, in-kind contribution, discounted).  The survey can be accessed

QUESTIONS: If you have any questions about donations, please contact Barbara Rollins and she will keep you updated as more information becomes available.