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X Copies of your contracts:
Remember to always keep a copy of any contract you enter into with a third party payer for your reference.

X Coding: 
If you have questions regarding coding, you may contact the ADA Dental Benefits Department by calling 800-621-8099 or emailing

X Contract Review:
If you are considering participation with a third party payer and would like the provider contract reviewed, the ADA provides a Contract Review Service to members at no cost.  Please email contract review requests along with a copy of the contract to Laura Givens at and she will submit to the ADA for analysis.

Supporting Documentation:

The VDA may contact you after your case is submitting to request supporting documentation.  DO NOT SEND INDIVIDUALLY IDENTIFIABLE HEALTH/DENTAL INFORMATION TO THE VIRGINIA DENTAL ASSOCIATION WHEN SEEKING ASSISTANCE RELATING TO INSURANCE BENEFIT ISSUES. HIPAA generally requires that covered entities, such as dental practices, use and disclose the minimum information necessary and covered entities typically are prohibited from disclosing individually identifiable information if de-identified information is sufficient. VDA’s work relating to insurance benefit issues does not require individually identifiable information, so for your protection and consistent with the HIPAA standards, VDA directs that providers redact any individually identifiable health/dental information from materials sent to the VDA when a provider seeks assistance relating to insurance benefits.