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Dental Radiation Safety Certification

VCU School of Dentistry Event

This course will provide the dental auxiliary with knowledge regarding the production and safe use of ionizing radiation within the dental office. This course will satisfy the Virginia Board of Dentistry's Radiation Certification requirement (18VAC60-30-80).
The nature of radiation and types of interaction of radiation with matter will be presented.

  • The nature of various natural and man-made radiation and occupational and nonoccupational dose limits will be discussed.
  • The principles of justification, optimization and dose limitation for patient radiation protection will be illustrated by a review of patient selection criteria, imaging modalities, source-to-skin distance, rectangular collimation, filtration, constant potential x-ray machines, kVp, mAs, film and sensor-holding devices, leaded aprons and collars.
  • Risks vs. diagnostic benefits of dental radiographs and the subject of retake radiographs will be covered.
  • Operator (personnel) radiation protection will include the basic methods to reduce occupational exposure, inclusive of position, distance, shielding and radiation dosimetry.
  • Examples of radiation-induced damage will be reviewed, along with a discussion of the known and unknown effects of low-dose radiation.
  • Finally, the need for continuing education on radiation safety and protection as new information is acquired will be stressed, as acquiring knowledge and developing and maintaining skills is a life-long process.