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Events posted below are intended to be a resources to VDA members and the professional dental community.  Some events posted are from sources other than the Virginia Dental Association.  Please refer to the specific listing for details and contact information for that event.  

The Art of Endodontics: Everything Has Changed Except the Anatomy

VCU School of Dentistry Event

Presentation Description:
 This presentation is organized around four very practical objectives. First, attendees will be taught about the range of endodontic anatomy and the diagnostic challenges this morphology presents when it refers pain, with emphasis on thermal pulp testing and 3D radiology. Second, to improve clinician's understanding of Minimally-Invasive Endodontics (MIE) as it applies to access cavity design and execution, rotary negotiation procedures, shaping objectives and the file geometries that can satisfy that requirement.

Third, after that the history, the physics, and the current state of the endodontic cleaning arts will be described and explored, with special emphasis on MIE principals, activation strategies, the gear and the times needed for each method, including two-visit RCT with calcium hydroxide between visits. Finally, course attendees will be taught about the advantages of Centered Condensation techniques, as well as exactly how to successfully fill root canal systems with carrier-based obturation and the Continuous Wave of Obturation Technique.