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New VCU School of Dentistry Building Included in VCU Six-Year Capital Plan

On Friday, May 14 the VCU Board of Visitors approved a Six-Year Capital Plan that includes a new School of Dentistry Building. From the plan:

A new School of Dentistry Building will replace an outdated facility and “unlock” the MCV Campus, allowing for growth at the health system and other MCV Campus schools. In addition to supporting clinical productivity, it allows VCU School of Dentistry to maximize care for underserved populations in the Richmond community in need of dental care.

Six Year Capital Plan Summary

Read more in the Richmond Times-Dispatch

VCU Health plans to build a new school of dentistry at a cost of $196 million, to be funded by the state in the 2024-26 biennium.

Replacing the current building would be an interdisciplinary health sciences building, library, innovation center and green space, slated to cost $281 million, funded mostly by the state.

The new building will be a central hub for the MCV campus, and it will feature a bridge system that connects adjacent buildings.



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