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Human Trafficking Resource Manual for Health Care Providers

The Virginia Hospital & Healthcare Association (VHHA) has released a health care resource manual on identifying and responding to patients who are suspected of being exploited in sex or labor trafficking situations. The manual, Human Trafficking: Care and Response, has been developed by members of the VHHA Human Trafficking Task Force that includes clinicians and other professionals from hospitals across the Commonwealth whose work focuses on forensic nursing, human trafficking, sexual assault care, and related disciplines. 

This is a guidance document that can be used for staff education and awareness, or even consulted in instances when health care professionals encounter a patient who they suspect is being exploited by a human trafficker. The manual includes information about 

  • anti-trafficking laws
  • explanations about the differences between child and adult trafficking
  • trafficking facts and myths
  • distinctions between buyers and perpetrators
  • tools and resources
  • clinical indications seen in patients who are being trafficked
  • potential red flags for health care professionals to be watchful for

The manual is available at on their website.