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The Virginia Dental Association (VDA) is a non-profit organization of dentists committed to enhancing the professional lives of our members - 3,700 of the best and brightest dentistry has to offer.  Together, we champion better oral health care for all Virginians.

It’s been ​over 145 years since a small group of nine dentists founded the "Virginia State Dental Association". Since then we’ve grown to become a constant trusted resource for ​Virginia dentists and their patients.

Welcome. We’re glad you’re here.


You Could Save 20% on Supplies with New VDA Member Program

VDA Services Announces Enhanced Supply Program for Virginia Dental Association Members Association Gloves & Supplies Strengthens Offering Through Strategic Alliance with The Dentists Supply Company

Members of the Virginia Dental Association have enjoyed significant savings on gloves and supplies through VDA Services endorsement of Association Gloves & Supplies. In an effort to expand the value offered to members, Association Gloves & Supplies has created a strategic alliance with The Dentists Supply Company (TDSC).

TDSC operates an online shopping platform only for members of organized dentistry that delivers significant savings on a robust and expanded catalog of dental supplies from your favorite manufacturers through The strategic alliance enhances the value proposition of both organizations, vastly increasing savings on dental supplies and adding value to those participating in organized dentistry.

“With this alliance, Association Gloves & Supplies is expanding our product offerings and reach to association member dentists across the United States,” said Craig Start, president of Association Gloves & Supplies. “ offers a superior e-commerce shopping platform and a growing fulfillment operation that will help dentists save on some 40,000 dental supplies with the reliability of a powerful supply chain to ensure they get what they need, when they need it, to support them in delivering quality care to their patients.”

Association Gloves & Supplies brings to TDSC a dedicated team of customer service and sales professionals with long-standing, deep relationships with dental associations and dentists around the U.S. The combined companies will significantly increase the collective purchasing power of independent dentists and reduce overall costs and business risks.

“Association Gloves & Supplies has been dedicated to creating value for dental association members all around the country, helping dentists compete on a level playing field when purchasing supplies,” said TDSC Interim CEO Jim Wiggett. “TDSC operates with the same mission as Association Gloves, and with our expanded e-commerce platform and catalog of supplies, this alliance will bring double-digit savings to tens of thousands of solo and small group dental practices.” has saved shoppers a combined $3 million compared to manufacturer’s suggested retail prices. “We are finding most dentists save 20 percent or more on the same or similar products,” Wiggett says. “Our customer service staff will happily compare prices to what you pay today to show the tangible savings for your practice. Our company offers the best of both worlds: The value and convenience of online shopping with the peace of mind of dedicated support professionals. That’s a combination that is very hard to find.”

The Virginia Dental Services Corporation (VDSC) Board of Directors signed an affiliation agreement with TDSC, enabling VDA members to access the money-saving purchasing option beginning May 1.  VDSC President, Dr. Steve Radcliffe, stated “the VDSC Board saw a great opportunity to provide meaningful savings to member dentists through the combined offerings from TDSC and Association Gloves and Supplies.  I was impressed with the “lunch and learn” training program and I am looking forward to placing my office’s first supply order with TDSC.” 

Members are invited to start leveraging this new benefit today by visiting