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HIPAA Compliant Email Where Big Attachments are No Big Deal.™

Speed up the way you share patient records. There’s no need to split large image files across multiple emails, send through snail mail or transfer to costly CDs. Just compose, drag, drop, and hit send.  Done. It's the easiest, safest and fastest way to get over your attachment issues and gain freedom in your clinical workflow.  

And, in a time when cybercrime, ransomware and phishing are more and more invasive, you need iCoreExchange’s fully HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based email to protect your patient and practice data whether it’s sitting in your inbox or sending to anyone else’s inbox.

  • Say goodbye to attachment issues. Unlike others, iCoreExchange lets you attach as many files as you want to any email with no size limits. Send your biggest X-rays and images all day long
  • Don’t be Phish Bait. Cybercriminals target emails to steal information and hold practices for ransom. No iCoreExchange email has been spammed or phished. Ever!
  • Skip after-hours trips to the office. Review and send patient records securely from anywhere, anytime. iCoreExchange is cloud-based, so your location doesn’t matter
  • Keep your “fax” straight. There are too many ways that faxing leads to straight-up HIPAA violations. The guaranteed legal way to send PHI is through fully HIPAA-compliant email
  • Who are you referring to? iCoreExchange has a built-in referral network so you have instant access to qualified providers. Give referrals. Get referrals. Stay connected

Member Benefit Information:

VDA members receive a 35% discount off the regular monthly price.  That’s only $22.50 per month per provider.

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Communicate Conveniently and Compliantly in the Cloud

There are tangible benefits of choosing a cloud-based, fully HIPAA-compliant email service. In addition to greater protection from cybercrime, HIPAA-compliant cloud services can integrate seamlessly into your workflow. This means less jumping between tabs (speed), greater connectivity with other providers (profit) and the highest levels of security (protection). And, it can all be done from anywhere.

Speed. It gets your work done faster. Cloud-based, compliant email can streamline your workflow with one interface for both your compliant and regular email messages. One interface means one login to send and receive Protected Health Information (PHI) and check your Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! etc.. no longer forcing you to log in and out of different windows.

The cloud gives you freedom to send and receive compliant email no matter where you are. Often, patient care doesn’t begin and end at the time of the appointment. If records need to be transferred to a specialist or information is requested, you can send quickly and easily from any device and any location.

Profit. Your compliant, cloud-based email can save you time and resources with a built-in referral network. Search by zip code or specialty to make sure your patient gets care from a verified provider no matter where they are in the city, state or country. And it works both ways. Doctors can find you with ease to send patients your way for care.

Protection. The cloud means all of your data is backed -up with every keystroke and stored in extremely secure data centers, not on a vulnerable server in your office. When you are sending PHI through the cloud, the data is often stored in a secure, private data center. These centers provide stringent access controls and 24/7 monitoring to prevent hacking or other attacks on PHI. Storing your patient and practice information on a server in your office or through common cloud-services hosted on the public internet is far less secure.

Now is an excellent time to look at your business services with fresh eyes. Protect your practice by keeping patient data safe from cybercriminals, and work smarter and faster through the cloud.

iCoreExchange cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant email is a VDA Services Endorsed Partner and has no file size limits on attachments. Visit or call 888.810.7706 for special pricing and a free iCoreExchange demo.