Life and Retired Membership

Congratulations on your retirement!  Now it's time to update your membership status.  All members who are retired should contact the VDA central office (804-288-5750) to let us know about your retirement.  You'll be eligible for a much deserved membership discount.  

Life Membership Requirements

Members who are 65 or older and have at least 30 consecutive membership years with the VDA or 40 total years split among several state association.  There are two types of life membership:

•     Retired Life Membership
Members who meet the requirements for life membership and are no longer in practice your dues are FREE!

•     Active Life Membership
Members who meet the requirements for life membership, but are not yet retired.  You receive a 25% discount off the price of full active dues.  

Retired but not yet a Life Member

If you've retired but haven't attained life membership, you still qualify for a 75% discount off of full active dues. 

Taking advantage of this benefit

Whether you qualify for life membership or not, if you’ve retired or about to retire and want to receive the appropriate discount to your dues, contact the VDA membership department at 804-288-5750.

In parting, we want to challenge each of our retired members to reach out to our Member Advocate, Karen Clendenen (804-592-3459) about volunteer opportunities and other ways to stay involved.  We value the knowledge and experience you bring to the table and are looking to create more opportunities for you to share that information within our dental community and across the commonwealth.

You're Retired, Now What?