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Grundy MOM Weather/Traffic Update

NEW - Traffic Update:  Reports have been received saying route 81 is blocked near exit 71.  Callers suggest taking exit 80 which will take you around the backup and back on to 81.  These directions are not confirmed so use at your own risk.  Click the link below to get more traffic info for route 81.  Safe travels!

****Dental Clinic schedule change:  Grundy MOM will be a one day clinic, Saturday only.
  Saturday may be extend by an hour or so to accommodate additional patients that would have been treated on Sunday.  

Based on current weather reports, the storm has moved about 150 miles East from the original forecast which may lessen the total rainfall in Virginia.  Hurricane winds are now not expected in Central VA until sometime Monday.
With that said, Grundy MOM is on as planned.  We will set up at Riverview Elementary/Middle School tomorrow (Friday) starting around 1:30pm. 
A conclusion is still yet to be determined as far as departure.  Depending on the weather/rainfall we may go ahead and pack up Saturday evening to allow an early departure on Sunday and get folks home during the daylight hours.  If the rain is heavy on Saturday evening and Sunday morning looks better, we will pack up Sunday morning. This will be decided on Saturday.