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New online CE course to help 'futureproof' your practice

Ever wonder if the most recent dentist appointment cancellation is an indication of a long-term problem resulting in an empty reception from that day forward?
A new online continuing education series seeks to help dentists better face the anxiety and fear that comes from a feeling of not being in control of the past, present and future outcomes of their practice.

Titled "Futureproof Your Practice: The 4 Must Haves for Success in Any and All Economies," the four-part series is led by Amy Morgan, CEO of Pride Institute, a practice management consulting company.

"To truly and consistently achieve long-term success, dentists and team leaders must create a healthy, future-focused culture that is inspired to continuously improve and grow," Ms. Morgan said. "To accomplish that, you need a motivated and effective team that wants to do what you ask them to do. This online series will start you on your journey to the next level of practice success."

The one-hour courses in the series are:

  • Part 1: Leading Your Business - Discover the foundational principles of managing a successful dental practice. From understanding the natural stages of transition, organizational and team development and more importantly, creating strategies to minimize stress and maximize results.
  • Part 2: Leading Your Team - Learn the secrets to creating a motivated, engaged, self-directed team. Through black and white job descriptions, policy guidelines, effective coaching and dynamic compensation and reward models inspire each team member to want to do what you want them to do.
  • Part 3: Leading Your Community - Learn how to generate awareness, engagement and commitment in the community in order to attract new patients who appreciate and value the practice's service and results.
  • Part 4: Leading Your Patients - Discover the keys to converting a tenuous new patient inquiry to a committed first appointment and beyond.
The courses are $59 for members; $79 for nonmembers. To register or for more information on the course, visit and search for the course title.