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VDSC Surpasses $3 Million in Support for VDA, Dental Profession

The Virginia Dental Services Corporation (VDSC) Board of Directors is pleased to announce that since 1997, the VDSC has provided support and sponsorships to the Virginia Dental Association (VDA) and related entities in excess of $3 Million.  Funds from the VDSC have been used to support Continuing Education at the state and component level, the Virginia Meeting, the VCU School of Dentistry, M.O.M. Projects, the VDA website and many other activities in support of the Association and its members.

“It has been a pleasure to provide support and sponsorships for the VDA – enhancing value for members and providing an important source of non-dues revenues has been the goal of the VDSC since its inception in 1996” said VDSC Board President, Dr. Roger Wood of Midlothian.   Through endorsements of various products and services for VDA Members, the VDSC is often able to negotiate discounts or added benefits that are marketed to members under the VDA Services name.   Each company that is recommended by the VDSC has been vetted by the Board of Directors for quality and value. 

From insurance to practice and equipment financing to gloves and website design services, the VDA Services vendors provide a variety of products and services for members both professionally and personally.  To find a full list of the endorsed vendors visit the VDA website at to learn more about the programs and to see the exclusive member benefits.

“The support of the VDSC has been a tremendous help to the VDA and has allowed us to better serve our members because of their contributions” said Dr. Terry Dickinson, Executive Director of the Virginia Dental Association.   Continued Dickinson: “Without the VDSC, the VDA would have had far fewer resources and would have been able to do less for our members.  We are grateful for their support and we look forward to their future successes that will continue to benefit the members of the VDA and the dental profession here in Virginia.”

VDA Member’s utilization of the VDA Services vendors has allowed the VDSC to provide this level of support to the VDA.  By using the recommended vendors, members are supporting their association while also enjoying exclusive member benefits – truly a win-win.  “It is so important for VDA members to look to the VDA Services vendors first – we need members to use these programs in order for the VDSC to support the Association” said Wood. 


VDSC Board of Directors

Roger Wood, DDS, President

Wallace Huff, DDS

Gus Vlahos, DDS

Stephen Radcliffe, DDS, VP

Bruce Hutchison, DDS

Andrew Zimmer, DDS

Rod Klima, DDS, Sec./Treas.

Jeffrey Levin, DDS

Ted Sherwin, DDS, liaison

Alonzo Bell, DDS

Robert Levine, DDS

Lanny Levenson, DDS, advisory

Fred Coots, Jr., DDS

Kirk Norbo, DMD

Harvey Shiflet, III, DDS, advisory

Frank Crist, Jr., DDS

Les Webb, Jr., DDS

Cynthia Southern, DDS, advisory

Ralph Howell, Jr., DDS

Edward Weisberg, DDS