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Compliance: HIPAA, PCI and the Dental Office

By: Scott Johnston

As a medical professional, you know that HIPAA compliance is a legal requirement.  But, did you know that HIPAA requires that your dental practice's merchant account must be certified as PCI compliant?  In other words, not only must your terminal and/or your practice management software be PCI 3.1 compliant, so must your dental practice itself.  Most credit card processors do not inform their merchants of the fact that Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express require all merchants, including dental practices, be PCI Compliant. Worldpay will always provide the expert guidance, tools and support needed to achieve PCI compliance, thereby helping you protect your dental practice against data breach.

Many merchants mistakenly assume that, because their credit card terminal or practice management software is PCI compliant, they don't have to do anything else.  In fact, a dental practice must also have its merchant account certified as PCI compliant, not just the terminal.  Again, rest assured that Worldpay will enable your dental practice to achieve and maintain PCI compliance, a crucial component of HIPAA compliance.

Worldpay, is the longtime Endorsed Provider of Merchant Services (credit card processing) of VDA Services and the company strives to address this issue with its dental practice merchants on a daily basis, whether they ask about it or not.

Through the Endorsed Vendor relationship, Worldpay provides an important source of non-dues revenue to VDA Services.  Members who currently process with Worldpay, those that switch to Worldpay and any business referred to Worldpay from VDA Members all contribute to non-dues revenue.  By using Worldpay VDA Members are able to support their association while not paying more for merchant services than you already pay and you could possibly save money as well!

At your earliest opportunity, please contact Worldpay to:

  1. Provide further financial support to VDA Services at no additional cost to you
  2. Receive better merchant services at no additional cost
  3. Ensure that your dental practice achieves and maintains PCI compliance 

Scott Johnston has served members since 2006 as a VDA Services endorsed vendor with Worldpay.  He is a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University's School of Business and a Stateside expert in payments with 17 years’ experience in the electronic payments industry at Worldpay US, Inc.   Scott can be reached at 804-564-9967 or via email at   VDA Members are also invited to visit