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SOLMETEX (NORTHBORUGH, MA) the leader in amalgam separation with the award winning Hg5™ amalgam separator, is proud to announce the EPA’s signing of the “Effluent Limitations Guidelines and Standards for Dental Offices”. 

This new regulation will help reduce mercury levels within the waste streams by requiring dental offices to use Best Management Practices (BPM’s) when handling amalgam waste. By requiring certain dental offices to install either an ANSI/ADA Standard No. 108 certified amalgam separator, or an ISO 11143:2008 certified amalgam separator at a separation rate of 95% or higher. Additionally, dental offices will be required to use an amalgam waste bucket for such items as vacuum traps, contact and non-contact amalgam. 

Lauren Nagel, Vice President of Operations and Finance stated, “For the past 16 years, it has been the primary focus of Solmetex to promote BMP’s and we are excited to be able to help create a cleaner environment on a larger platform nationwide.” 

This nationwide standard is an improvement over the 11 individual state mandates that have passed since 2002. 

“The passage of this rule is a good environmental issue that puts the dentist in a positive light with their patients that they not only care for their healthcare but also the environment we all share.” states Nick Mozzicato, CEO. 

The new regulation will affect dental offices that remove or replace amalgam restorations: 

1. Existing dental offices have 3 years to install a certified amalgam separator. 

2. New offices have 30 days to install an amalgam separator 

3. The use of a ANSI/ADA Standard No. 108 for amalgam separator, or a ISO 11143:2008 certified amalgam separator at a separation rate of 95% 

4. The use of amalgam waste buckets is required for items such as: vacuum traps, contact and non-contact amalgam, which will be recycled responsibly. 

Any questions regarding the regulation please visit Questions regarding this press release please contact: 

Michael Toole
Solmetex, LLC VP of Sales and Marketing