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CDC: This Season’s Flu Vaccine 36 Percent Effective.

NBC Nightly News (2/15, story 7, 1:15, Holt) reported new CDC data show this season’s flu vaccine overall is “only 36 percent effective” – but, “there’s a bit of good news”: The effectiveness is “significantly better for children.” According to correspondent Rehema Ellis, “top health officials report, for the most severe flu, the vaccine is only 25 percent effective in adults” while for children it is 59 percent effective.

        USA Today (2/15, Painter) reported that in an ordinary season, “vaccines prevent 40% to 60% of flu cases serious enough to send people to doctors’ offices.” Researchers said that this year’s 25 percent effectiveness still is higher than the 10 percent effectiveness reported in Australia and the 17 percent estimated in Canada.