Health Care Professionals Needed STAT

Become a VA MRC volunteer and help protect your community.

The Virginia Medical Reserve Corp is a force of dedicated volunteers who support communities during public health emergencies. There are 27 local Medical Reserve Corp units that are comprised of teams of medical and public health professionals. Hundreds of volunteers have already been deployed across Virginia to support COVID-19 response. Their duties have ranged from staffing call banks, helping with drive-thru testing sites, counting and distributing supplies, etc. Inactive and active medical professionals can be a volunteer. You do NOT have to have an active license to volunteer. All volunteers are deployed locally and will be asked to perform duties within their scope. 

You can sign up for the Virginia Medical Reserve Corp here: 
Registering is all online and takes less than 15 minutes to complete. Each registrant’s application will be reviewed and undergoes a background check. Training is also online and specific to COVID-19.

Check out the VAMRC FAQs.