O'Hagan Meyer Video Rotator 3.25.20

VIDEO - Your Employment & Labor Law Questions, Answered!

To help your office keep up with sometimes daily policy changes at the federal and state level and navigate uncharted waters around COVID-19 for our members, we sat down with Charlie Meyer and Joan McKenna at O’Hagan Meyer to get answers to some of your most pressing labor and employment questions.
O’Hagan Meyer’s lawyers have broad experience handling a variety of litigation and employment related matters, with over 120 attorneys in 13 offices across the nation.
If you don’t find your question listed below, we’ll be sharing a new resource to help you get quick answers to your labor and employment questions soon. You can find the full video here and links to individual topics below.


Questions covered in this video:
  • 0:05:05 - The best way to have my employees be covered with regards to pay, PTO and unemployment, and how it affects health insurance, unemployment assistance and benefits. 
  • 0:09:24 - The difference between a furlough and lay off 
  • 0:12:52 - Options to compensate employees for irregular hours when they need to come in for emergencies 
  • 0:18:28 - How the Families First Coronavirus Response Act affects sick leave, accrued leave and vacation 
  • 0:30:15 - How does guidance from my professional association affect my office’s decisions differently than a mandate at the federal or state level?
  • 0:36:46 - The difference between exempt and nonexempt employees 
  • 0:43:22 - Advice for negotiating with salaried/exempt employees 
  • 0:46:00 - Options for associates paid on commission or other fee 
  • 0:50:40 - Advice for practices that operate on a 4-day work week or other irregular hours 
  • 0:53:19 - How small businesses (under 50 employees) can be viable with these changes