VDA Interim Guidelines to Practicing Dentistry During COVID-19 and Video Discussion

The VDA’s Back to Work Task Force is pleased to announce an update to the VDA Interim Guidelines originally released in April. The update reflects the latest science, new recommendations, and collaboration with the Virginia Dental Hygienists’ Association.  

Download the updated guidance.

Note: Information that has been updated since the previous release is outlined in gray. 

To review these important updates and comment on practicing during SARS-COV-2, the VDA convened a panel of Drs. Vince Dougherty, Frank Iuorno and Elizabeth Reynolds to share their insights and expertise.  

Watch the panel discussion.

The VDA would like to thank all of the members of the Back to Work Task Force for their efforts to assist Virginia dental offices in achieving best practices in this new and challenging environment. 

For additional resources for your practice, please visit the VDA’s COVID-19 HUB