What Virginia Department of Labor and Industry Emergency Regulations Mean for Dentistry

UPDATE: The next meeting of the Safety and Health Codes Board meeting is scheduled for July 7th. More information can be found here.

In June, the Virginia Safety and Health Codes Board voted 9-3 to adopt emergency regulations, which could go into effect immediately when the board next meets. They are still considering further changes. 

The VDA and dozens of other medical and business groups urged the board to reconsider and grant exemptions to these regulations. Thank you to the more than 150 VDA members who answered our action alert and amplified that message with their own comments submitted to the board.

The board noted the strong objections of the dental profession during their deliberation. While the Department of Labor said it is not recommending exemptions for any industry or profession, they will continue to receive, consider and respond to petitions with respect to reconsideration or revision of this regulation. The VDA will be working with other industry partners on the next steps to prevent these regulations from interfering with the ability of our members to provide quality oral health care for Virginians. 

The Washington Post and Virginia Mercury have coverage of the meeting and the impact of the regulations.

What does this mean for my practice?

The board is still considering changes. The emergency temporary standards and the emergency regulations are intended to supplement and enhance existing Virginia Occupational Safety and Health (VOSH) laws. In the event of a conflict, the more stringent rule will apply. You can find a preliminary overview of the regulations from Hancock Daniel here.