Bringing on New Employees? Now Might be the Best Time to Ditch Inefficient Payroll & HR Processes

If your dental practice is in the process of recruiting and bringing on new employees, this may be a good time to evaluate your payroll and HR processes and to ask yourself questions like: 

Is payroll and HR management taking up too much of my practice’s time?  

Could my dental practice benefit from guidance regarding HR regulations + compliance?  

How could my hiring process be more efficient and bring in better applicants? 

For many dental practices – small or large – the idea of re-thinking your current routines may be daunting. However, the benefits gained from outsourcing payroll and HR management could potentially reduce your costs and save you time.  

In outsourcing payroll and HR to experts, you can ensure compliance for your practice, and free up time to focus on your core business.  

How Dominion Payroll Can Help 

Having worked with multiple dental practices, Dominion Payroll understands the unique needs of the industry.  

“Dominion Payroll has made payroll and reporting almost effortless for me. It is their customer service that I have been most impressed with. I also appreciated their SBA-specific reports when applying for SBA and PPP loans.”  

— Dr. David W. Merrell, West End Pediatric Dentistry, Henrico, VA 

As VDA Services’ officially endorsed vendor for Payroll and HR services, Dominion Payroll provides value to VDA members through high-quality products and industry-leading customer service. For dental practices large and small, we offer workforce management solutions including:  

Hiring & Recruiting - Stay competitive with today’s top talent using our effective hiring platform and tools designed to improve job posts and the applicant experience

Smooth and Easy Conversion - Your dedicated implementation representative will do the heavy lifting for you for an easy implementation 

A Local Support System in Richmond, VA - No voicemail policy, award-winning customer service, Net Promoter Score (NPS)* of 73

*NPS is your percentage of promoters minus your percentage of detractors, ranging from −100 (meaning everyone is a detractor) to +100 

Payroll Processing - Cloud-based and on-demand anywhere, anytime 

HR Compliance - Manage your employees from hire to retire, including documentation, awards, education, disciplinary actions, and OSHA incidents 

General Ledger - Easily transfer payroll info to your accounting software 

Tax Filing - Ensure compliance by letting us file and remit per-payroll taxes and annual filings accurately and on time 

Onboarding - Welcome your new employees to the company and get them up and running fast by cutting out lengthy processing time and unnecessary paperwork

To learn more about how Dominion Payroll can help your business, please visit  All VDA members receive a 15% discount off standard Dominion Payroll pricing.  

Isabelle Tobe, Creative Director at Dominion Payroll, is a content creator and regular contributor to Dominion Payroll’s blog.