Exhibit Hall, Social Events and CE Removed from Virginia Meeting Agenda

House of Delegates will still be meeting in Williamsburg in person on Saturday and Sunday. 

The VDA leadership made the difficult decision today to remove the social events, CE and exhibit hall from the agenda for the Virginia Meeting in September out of an abundance of caution regarding large events and in the interest of balancing safety and an engaging social event experience for attendees. The House of Delegates will continue to meet in-person that weekend on an amended schedule with enhanced safety protocols.  

We will share additional details with delegates and alternate delegates early next week. If you are a member of the House of Delegates or planning to attend those meetings, you don’t need to make any changes to your reservation at this time. Please email Lynn Wisman at wisman@vadental.org if you have any questions about the House meeting.  

If you are not a member of the House of Delegates, we ask that you go ahead and release your hotel room as soon as possible so that the hotel may attempt to resell the room and not penalize the VDA. Please reach out to the hotel directly: 1-757-220-7976 or use the link on your confirmation email.  With regards to refunds and exchanges, we are still working on those details but will have multiple options available soon.   

This was a difficult decision made with the safety of VDA members and attendees in mind. Thank you for your continued support for the VDA and organized dentistry and please watch for more information soon.  


Dr. Frank Iuorno, Jr.  
Virginia Dental Association 

Ryan Dunn
Executive Director
Virginia Dental Association