VDA House of Delegates FAQ

Answering some Key Questions:  

  1. What will the event look like now? What that leaves on our agenda will be the House of Delegates and business meetings in Williamsburg. Please see the updated schedule for the House of Delegates.   
  2. What days do I need to be there and when should I arrive? The programming will now begin with a welcome dinner on Friday evening, followed by the business of the House of Delegates to be conducted Saturday and concluding Sunday morning. It is critical that we have a quorum to be able to conduct the business of the House of Delegates, and we appreciate all of the delegates and alternates taking the time to participate and to join us from Friday evening to Sunday morning. 
  3. What should I do about my existing hotel reservations or if I still need to make new reservations? If you have already made a reservation and it includes more than Friday and Saturday night (Wednesday or Thursday), please call the hotel to remove these other nights from your reservation as soon as possible.  Releasing these rooms will allow the Lodge to attempt to fill these rooms. Please reach out to the hotel directly: 1-757-220-7976 or use the link on your confirmation email. 
  4. Should I arrive on Friday? Yes, you should arrive on Friday.  There are early morning meetings beginning on Saturday. Also, because we are having to cancel a lot of rooms with the Williamsburg Lodge, the best way for us to help mitigate the financial impact to the Association is to book both Friday and Saturday night.  Booking only Saturday night actually hurts the Lodge even further because most rooms are on the weekends are sold Friday and Saturday nights together.   
  5. What will I do for food while I am there? In addition to the welcome dinner Friday evening, breakfast, lunch and a plated dinner Saturday and breakfast Sunday morning will be included for all delegates, alternates and spouses attending. 
  6. What is the policy on face masks? Colonial Williamsburg and the Williamsburg Lodge will be requiring masks for all attendees indoors. Every effort will be made to provide social distancing throughout the meeting space and masks will be available throughout the venue. Hotel staff will be masked at all times indoors.   
  7. Am I required to be vaccinated to attend? We strongly encourage all attendees be vaccinated or have received a negative COVID test within 48 hours prior to arrival at the Williamsburg Lodge.   
  8. Will the food service look and feel the same as a normal conference? The VDA and the Williamsburg Lodge have worked together to modify all food and beverage service to maintain the safest possible environment at the venue. The smaller group who will be in attendance as part of the House of Delegates has given us more flexibility in making these changes.  

If you have questions about the venue, rooms or other event logistics, please email Megan Wyman at wyman@vadental.org.   

If you have questions about the agenda and business portion of the meeting, please email Lynn Wisman at wisman@vadental.org.