See what’s in store for VDA’s Dental Days at the Capitol

Registration is open and there are just a few weeks left to reserve a room in the VDA room block for Dental Days at the Capitol starting Jan. 26 in Richmond. Here’s what you can expect: 

Before the Event 

What: You’ll get a full policy and legislative briefing on oral health issues that could impact dentistry, and the VDA Government Affairs team will work with you to schedule visits to meet with your legislators while you’re in Richmond. 

Why it’s important: When you’re informed on issues that impact dentistry, you’re ready to be an advocate with legislators, with your patients, and when you have opportunities to educate the general public. 

Thursday Evening  

What: Dentists and legislators from around Virginia are invited for an evening reception at the Omni Hotel, with heavy hors d'oeuvres and cocktails. The VDA’s legislative reception is a can’t-miss stop for Virginia’s 140 state legislators, and they’re eager to hear from our members. 

Why it’s important: This is one of the best times of the year to introduce yourself and help lawmakers understand the important issues facing dentistry. If they’re not listening to you, they’re listening to someone else who doesn’t have your best interest in mind. 

Friday Morning 

What: After an early morning policy breakfast with a keynote address from Lt. Governor Winsome Sears, VDA members will walk across the street to the General Assembly Building wearing their lab coats and meet with legislators and their staff. 

Why it’s important: Legislators and their staff are busy, but they listen to their constituents who show up. Every year, there’s proposed legislation that would make it harder to practice dentistry, and lawmakers need to understand those impacts from the dentists who live in their districts. 

Friday Afternoon and Saturday 

What: The VDA House of Delegates and Committees and Councils meet to set the agenda for the association in the coming year. 

Why it’s important: We’ll be considering solutions for big issues like holding third-party payers accountable, the dental workforce, and rising costs for dental offices. We saw what happened in Massachusetts this November, as voters approved a ballot initiative holding dental insurance plans accountable for spending premium dollars on patient care. All VDA members are welcome to attend the VDA House of Delegates meeting to make their voices heard and be informed on these issues as we chart the course forward. 


After the Event  

What: Our work isn’t over! We will continue updating members as the session moves forward and send out action alerts to make it easy for you to educate lawmakers on oral health issues and to thank them when they support good policies.  

Why it’s important: Virginia will have a short 45-day legislative session, and bills move fast. Every contact we make with lawmakers can make a difference. 

Bottom Line: Whether you can only join us for one event at Dental Days or for all three days, you can make a difference in the future of dentistry in Virginia.