Governor Youngkin Unveils His "Right Help, Right Now" Plan to Transform Virginia's Behavioral Health System

  • DMAS

In December of 2022, Governor Glenn Youngkin unveiled his three-year plan to transform Virginia’s behavioral health system, entitled “Right Help, Right Now.” This is a six-pillared approach to address our behavioral health challenges, encompassing crisis care, law enforcement burden, substance use disorder support, behavioral health workforce and service delivery innovation. During the most recent Dental Advisory Committee meeting, Cheryl Roberts, DMAS' Agency Director, briefly discussed these behavioral health pillars. Ms. Roberts also indicated that we would send these pillars to each of you. 

The “Right Help, Right Now” Six Pillars

First, we must strive to ensure same-day care for individuals experiencing behavioral health crises. 

Second, we must relieve the law enforcement community’s burden and reduce the criminalization of mental health. 

Third, we must develop more capacity throughout the system, going beyond hospitals, especially community-based services. 

Fourth, we must provide targeted support for substance use disorder and efforts to prevent overdose. 

Fifth, we must make the behavioral health workforce a priority, particularly in underserved communities. 

Sixth, we must identify service innovations and best practices in pre-crisis prevention services, crisis care, post-crisis recovery and support and develop tangible and achievable means to close capacity gaps. 

Watch the unveiling of the “Right Help, Right Now” plan to transform Virginia’s behavioral health system.

Read the “Right Help, Right Now” plan.