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VDA Statement on Vaccine Mandates

As we all continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, the VDA has developed several resources to assist dental practice owners. Be sure to check out the HUB for resources on:  
Guidance/Recommendations and much more 
Statement on Vaccine Mandates 
Some members have asked the VDA to mandate vaccines so they can require vaccines for their office team members. The VDA is a nonprofit association with no ability make or enforce laws or mandates.  
Any mandate for vaccination would have to be issued by federal or state officials. The VDA’s role as a not-for-profit association is to educate and advocate for members and the profession. Even though the AMA “mandated vaccines”, it is not in any way legally binding. The VDA can and continues to strongly recommend and encourage vaccination for all dental healthcare personnel. 
As a private practitioner, you may choose to mandate vaccines for your employees. You are encouraged to consult your counsel if you elect to do so. For educational purposes and to provide additional resources, we have included a vaccine FAQ put together by the VDA’s general counsel to address common questions about workplace vaccine requirements.  
Resource Updates 
As the VDA continues to monitor the pandemic situation, we will share new and updated resources with members. Additionally, we will be updating COVID Back to Work Guidance in a few weeks to reflect new variants and data on virus transmission with detailed information on best practices for dental offices.   

Dr. Frank Iuorno
President, Virginia Dental Association

Ryan Dunn
Executive Director, Virginia Dental Association