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Dentists, hygienists, and dental assistants to be included in priority access group for Coronavirus vaccine in Virginia

As the first doses of the Pfizer vaccine have begun to arrive in Virginia this week, we have received questions from members on the details of the state’s vaccine plan for the healthcare workers, including dentists,  hygienists and dental assistants. 

We have confirmed with VDH that dentists and hygienists are included as Phase 1a healthcare workers, eligible for the first 480,000 doses of the vaccine that Virginia is expected to receive in the coming days. 

The first shipment of vaccines require ultracold storage (negative 70 degrees Celsius). All 72,150 initial doses will be distributed directly to geographically diverse health care systems with ultracold storage capacity, and will go to HCP. Health care personnel that directly care for COVID-19 patients will receive top priority among health care providers.

Subsequent weekly shipments are expected to begin after the initial shipment and will be divided among HCP and LTCF residents. This group includes dentists, hygienists and dental assistants. 

The majority of LTCF in Virginia will receive vaccinations from CVS and Walgreens’ teams onsite through a federal CDC-pharmacy-LTCF partnership. Health care systems and public health will ensure access to vaccination for all HCP and LTCF residents equitably across the entire state. More details are expected to be available in the coming days. 

Learn more about the state’s vaccine distribution plan

The VDA is in regular contact with the VDH and will keep members informed as the vaccine becomes available for distribution. 

We have also heard from many members about their eagerness to participate in the effort as vaccine administrators, and encourage those with an interest to fill out the VDH provider intent form

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