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What Dentists Need to Know about the Medicare Dental Benefit Being Considered by Congress

10/19 Update – Read the new op ed from Dr. Daniel Klemmedson in The HillHalf a loaf? Low-income seniors only get one thin slice of Medicare dental benefit

ADA Action Alert

“If we don’t get dentistry 100 percent involved in this right now, the way Congress writes this bill could fundamentally change how dentists practice. And I don’t mean just some dentists. I mean every dental practice could change.”  - ADA Senior VP of Government Affairs, Mike Graham

Those are the stakes for the Medicare Dental Benefit being considered right now by Congress. The ADA and VDA are engaged and every member can get involved right now by learning about the benefit and using the ADA’s advocacy tool to quickly send a message to your representatives in Congress. Please use the resources below to learn more and take action:


Listen to Mike Graham and ADA President Dr. Dan Klemmedson share an update on the ADA’s efforts

FAQ Fact Sheet on Medicare Dental Benefit 

Oct. 2020 ADA House Resolution on Financing Oral Healthcare for Seniors
On-Demand Webinar - Congress Considers a Medicare Dental Benefit

More ADA Medicare Resources