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Cyber Threat Risk Management Bulletin

R.K. Tongue’s risk management team vigorously recommends that dental practices and other computer-dependent business owners secure robust, stand-alone cyber liability insurance as soon as practicable.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine and subsequent global response dramatically increases the risk of cyber warfare or other hacking and data breach events perpetrated by state-sponsored or state-influenced cyber threat actors. 

We should all view the internet as being more dangerous today than it was a little over a week ago.

It is impossible to know what form a cyber-attack will take or the exact threat level, but network security professionals warn that Russian threat actors possess significant ability to cause harm to both government and private sector targets.

Healthcare providers large and small are an attractive cyber attack target. In fact, over the last year, R.K. Tongue Co., Inc. witnessed a significant increase in the frequency of cyber attacks targeting dental practices in MD, DC, and VA.

R.K. Tongue partners with the Cyber Protector Plan to help our dental clients protect themselves against a data breach / cyber attack. As a risk advisor and small business peer, we strongly encourage our dentist and professional services clients to secure appropriate cyber insurance now if you have not already done so.

Existing R.K. Tongue clients should contact their Account Executive for a consultation.  If you do not currently work with R.K. Tongue, I welcome you to contact our office or me personally – 410-752-4008 /

Managing Editor's Note: R.K. Tongue is an endorsed partner of VDA Member Perks formerly VDA Services.