Expert Panel: Financial Planning for 2023 and Beyond


Original Release Date: December 13, 2022

Expiration Date: December 13, 2023

VDA Members and Students
- This program is provide to VDA members and students at no cost. 
Credits: 0 - This program does not earn CE credit.

Course Description (Lecture Style Webinar)

Whether you're just starting out your dental career, considering a practice transition, or want to make sure your existing practice can thrive, it's important to understand key trends in the economy and changes in tax laws and regulations and how they should impact your financial decisions. Bring your questions on student debt, practice finance, reducing your tax burden, market conditions and more for our expert panel that brings years of experience in the dental sector from lenders, wealth managers, and dental CPAs. This webinar is presented by the VDA New Dentist Committee.


  • Jim Alley, CPA, LLC
  • Jimmy Pickert, ACG Wealth Management
  • Brad Peiffer, Bank of America Practice Solutions
  • Aaron Tyson, Bank of America Practice Solutions
  • William Schulz Jr., Commonwealth Transitions
  • Dr. Dani Howell, Chair, VDA New Dentist Committee

Topics covered by the panelists include:

:06 What’s your best financial advice for new grads?

:10 How to prioritize paying off student loans

:17 Best way to find tax breaks, reduce your practice’s tax burden

:21 How much should someone set aside cash-wise when thinking about buying a practice in the near future?

:25 Where do you as a lender or financial advisor prefer to see money saved?

:27 How does an associate never run out of money in retirement? How do they create a financial plan?

:31 Can you take a tax deduction for the student loan interest that you’re paying?

:33 Is it a good idea to pay off a practice loan early vs. making minimum payments?

:39 Best thing to invest in during inflation? 

:47 How does section 179 applying to dental offices?

:54 Best way to manage overhead expenses with the office, particularly with staffing costs rising?

1:01 What do the market conditions look like on the practice side for opportunities to own a practice? How is Virginia trending?

1:06 What’s the best way to save for retirement if your practice doesn’t offer a retirement plan?

1:07 What are the best alternative investments after maxing out 401k or IRA?

1:15 Pros and cons of acquisition vs startup