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VDA Services

This membership club style program is designed to help dental offices set-up an in-office program for patients without dental insurance.  Patients who choose to join will pay an annual membership fee which affords them certain treatments throughout the year and then they may be offered discounts on treatment not covered by the annual membership fee.  All terms, fees, discounts and other program particulars are made by each practice individually as the program is fully customizable and designed to be used by your office in any way that you see fit.  The template will provide you with the framework on which you can develop your office program.  The thoroughly reviewed template includes:

  • Sample Membership Terms – Including optional terms and a variety of important details that should be considered by each office to ensure that the program is easily understood by patients.
  • Sample Brochures – Customizable brochures for both new and existing patients.
  • Educational Webinar – Office managers provide step by step instructions for starting a program, incorporating a program into practice management software systems and how to discuss the new program with patients. 

Members can purchase the template for only $250.  Prior to purchase, an agreement with the VDSC needs to be completed.  You can download that agreement ​HERE and once completed, it can be returned via email to Elise (rupinski@vadental.org); via fax at 804-288-1880 (Attn: Elise) or by mail: VA Dental Services Corp, Attn: Elise, 3460 Mayland Ct. Ste 110, Richmond, VA 23233.  Note: no payment is required when returning the contract.  Once the contract is received, you will receive an email with a link to purchase the template online and once purchased, you will have immediate access to all template materials. 

For questions, please contact Elise Rupinski at 804-523-2184.

VDA Services is a service mark of the Virginia Dental Association. VDA Services is a program brought to you by the Virginia Dental Services Corporation, a for-profit subsidiary of the Virginia Dental Association.