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2017 ADA Highlights Video

As ADA member dentists continued to raise the bar for the profession, we are proud to join you in celebrating our shared success.

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Celebrate National Children’s Dental Health Month with new activity sheets, supported by the ADA and Crest + Oral-B.


Welcome to the Virginia Dental Association!

The Virginia Dental Association (VDA) is a non-profit organization of dentists committed to enhancing the professional lives of our members - 3,500 of the best and brightest dentistry has to offer.  Together, we champion better oral health care for all Virginians.

It’s been ​over 145 years since a small group of nine dentists founded the "Virginia State Dental Association". Since then we’ve grown to become a constant trusted resource for ​Virginia dentists and their patients.

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Regulatory Alerts

Administration of Nitrous Oxide Only
• Summary: In response to requests from dentists who only administer nitrous oxide, the Board has amended its regulations to differentiate between minimal sedation, which is defined as inhalation analgesia when used in combination with any anxiolytic agent administered prior to or during a procedure, and administration of only nitrous oxide. The amended regulations eliminate some of the burdensome requirements for dentists who only administer nitrous oxide.

• These regulations were fast-tracked and should finally go into effect on February 10, 2017.  A public comment forum will open on 12/26/16 and remain open through 1/25/17.  Click here for more information.
Continuing Education Credit for Volunteer Hours
• Summary: Chapter 82 of the 2016 General Assembly requires health regulatory boards to promulgate regulations to allow some volunteer service time to count towards meeting some of a licensee’s continuing education requirements. The Board has adopted proposed regulations to allow dentists and dental hygienists to count up to two hours of the 15 hours required for annual renewal to be satisfied through delivery of dental services, without compensation, to low-income individuals receiving health services through a local health department or a free clinic organized in whole or primarily for the delivery of those services. One hour of continuing education may be credited for three hours of providing such volunteer services, as documented by the health department or free clinic. In addition, the Board is including provisions for granting an extension of the continuing education requirement for up to one year upon written request with an explanation received prior to the renewal deadline.
• These regulations were fast-tracked and will also become effective on February 10, 2017. A public comment forum will open on 12/26/16 and remain open through 1/25/17. Click here for more information.