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Advocate for Your Profession and Your Patients

Each year, a multitude of policy issues that affect dentistry are considered and debated in the United States Congress and the Virginia General Assembly.  These are issues that affect your livelihood in the dental profession as well as the patients you serve. 

You can make sure the right decisions are made for you and dentistry.  By becoming involved in the legislative process, participating in grassroots initiatives and/or supporting the Virginia Dental Political Action Committee and the American Dental Political Action Committee, you become an effective voice on the federal and state levels of government. 

As with most special interest entities, strength lies in numbers when advocating a position on the part of the Association!  When a legislator hears from an association member, he or she knows that behind that voice is an entire membership concerned with the particular issue. 

Becoming involved in public policy that affects the dentistry profession is your best investment in your business future!

Virginia Board of Dentistry

  • If you have questions regarding your license or regulations  for Virginia dentists, dental hygienists or dental assistants, please contact the Virginia Board of Dentistry at 804-367-4538 or