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Many dentists cite dental insurance as the source of one of their greatest frustrations. The VDA is collecting specific complaints from dental providers, which will be compiled into a report and shared with a workgroup that will be evaluating the need for changes regarding ethics and fairness in dental carrier business practices. We appreciate you taking the time to submit your grievance(s).


During the 2024 General Assembly session, the VDA introduced legislation to increase transparency and accountability in dental insurance by requiring dental insurance carriers to disclose their Actual Loss Ratio (ALR) annually in the large group, small group and individual markets.

The legislation will also convene a work group of stakeholders including representatives of the VDA and dental carriers to evaluate the need for changes regarding ethics and fairness in dental carrier business practices.This legislation was signed April 2 by Governor Glenn Youngkin and will be effective on July 1, 2024.

How can you share your insurance issues with the VDA?

Please enter information through the quick survey (or ask your staff person who handles billing/dental insurance in your office).Please submit as many individual issues as you wish.

NOTE: You will not be asked to provide any specific patient information.

What will the VDA be doing with the issues submitted through this system?

The VDA will gather all issues submitted and review for trends and salient issues. They will be addressed at meetings with the workgroup this summer that will be convened as promulgated by the legislation. The VDA’s goal is to seek remedies to barriers our members face in providing patient care, which could include legislative or regulatory proposals and addressing pain points and processes that can be streamlined.

Questions? Please contact Laura Givens at givens@vadental.org