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VDA Board of Directors

President:    Dr. Benita Miller, Richmond
President Elect:    Dr. Samuel Galstan, Chester
Immediate Past President:    Dr. William Dougherty, III, Falls Church
Secretary-Treasurer:    Dr. J. Ted Sherwin
Executive Director:    Dr. Terry Dickinson
Speaker of the House:    Dr. Scott Berman
Parliamentarian:     Dr. Christie Hamlin
Component 1:    Dr. Anthony Peluso
Component 2:    Dr. Scott Francis
Component 3:    Dr. C. Sharone Ward
Component 4:    Dr. Frank Iuorno
Component 5:    Dr. Dustin Reynolds
Component 6:    Dr. Cynthia Southern
Component 7:    Caitlin Batchelor
Component 8:    James Willis
New Dentist Committee Chair:     Dr. Stephanie Vlahose
Advisory:    Dr. David Sarrett
Advisory:    Dr. Daura Hamlin
Editor:    Dr. Richard Roadcap
VCU Student:    Waleed Al-Kakhan, VCU D-2019
VCU Student Rep Alternate:    John Bounds
Liaison ODDS:    Dr. Lori Wilson