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September Is CVS Oral Health Month

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The Virginia Dental Association (VDA) is a non-profit organization of dentists committed to enhancing the professional lives of our members - 3,700 of the best and brightest dentistry has to offer.  Together, we champion better oral health care for all Virginians.

It’s been ​over 145 years since a small group of nine dentists founded the "Virginia State Dental Association". Since then we’ve grown to become a constant trusted resource for ​Virginia dentists and their patients.

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VDA Services Announces the Endorsement of ACG, a Wealth Management Firm

Following an extensive market review and analysis by the VDSC Board of Directors, VDA Services is pleased to announce ACG as our newest endorsed vendor.  Based in Midlothian, Virginia, ACG has a long history of providing wealth management services including retirement plan design and administration services, tax aware investment management and financial consulting for dentists and their practices.   

The VDSC had been considering an endorsement of a wealth management firm for some time.  These services are essential for dentists and having a trusted vendor that has been vetted by peers can take some of the apprehension out of choosing a firm to assist with challenging financial situations.  Taxes destroy a large portion of wealth for high income professionals.  ACG’s goal is to help member dentists decrease taxes through various advanced financial strategies. At the core, tailored retirement plan design and administration allows dentists to defer thousands of dollars in taxes.  Additionally, ACG provides financial planning, tax aware investment management and wealth management to provide direction to the financial lives of dentists.

J. Saunders Wiggins, CFP® , AIF® President at ACG commented: “Dentists face financial challenges from the get-go.  A later career start, potentially high student debt, additional practice debt to start or acquire an ownership interest in a practice and high taxes along the way create immediate and on-going hurdles to financial independence.  We understand this and help dentists develop an impactful plan to address their financial concerns and goals.  We help them create a vision of their financial future.  We help them put their money to work, and worry less about finances, no matter what stage of their financial life cycle they are in.”

As part of this endorsement relationship, ACG is offering exclusive benefits to members of the Virginia Dental Association.  To learn more about these valuable benefits, contact Sandy at 800-231-6409 or  ACG is located at 1640 Huguenot Road, Midlothian, Virginia 23113 and on the web at 

VDA Services is a service mark of the Virginia Dental Association.  VDA Services is a program brought to you by the Virginia Dental Services Corporation, a for-profit subsidiary of the Virginia Dental Association.