Real-Time Insurance Benefit Checks

Reduce claim denials with automated insurance verifications up to a week in advance.™


Cloud-based iCoreVerify from iCoreConnect reduces denials with automated insurance verifications for every scheduled patient in advance of their visit. Staff can identify and correct data errors in advance of their appointment to significantly reduce claim denials while improving patient care.

With iCoreVerify:

  • Automated insurance verification for all scheduled patients up to a week in advance of their visit.
  • Reduce insurance denials through improved claim accuracy.
  • Substantially recover staff hours lost to insurance phone calls with direct access to more than 2,100 insurers.
  • See real-time remaining benefits and specific plan coverage in a single click.
  • Process unlimited verifications with no per-transaction fees.
  • Integrate with most popular practice management systems.

Say goodbye to one of the biggest pain points in dentistry by nearly eliminating insurance phone calls that cost time and money.

Member Benefit Information:

VDA members receive 40% off iCoreVerify.

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