Dr. Bruce Hutchison on Impact of VDA PAC

The VDA Political Action Committee (VDA PAC) is a voluntary, non-profit, unincorporated committee of individual dentists and others. Every year, VDA PAC participates vigorously in the political process to make sure that dentistry’s voice is heard and to ensure that the interests of your patients are foremost in the General Assembly’s eyes. VDA PAC can play this role only with your support. Whether you like the political process or not, the hard facts of the matter are that effective political relationships involve campaign assistance for legislators and candidates who support the work of the VDA.  

Contributions to the VDA PAC are divided between a state account, controlled by VDA members, and a federal account for support of candidates for federal office, affiliated with the American Dental Association. Election laws require that the two funds be kept separate. Contributions are not deductible for tax purposes. Below are the levels of giving.

  • Gold: $1,250 ($950 State/$300 Federal)
  • Silver: $750 ($650 State/$100 Federal)
  • Bronze: $300 ($250 State/$50 Federal)
  • Friend of the VDA Tooth PAC: $100 ($50 State/$50 Federal)