Dental Benefits/Insurance Inquiries

ADA Dental Insurance Hub

The ADA recognizes that dental insurance issues is one of the top pain points for dentists, which is why they have created a Dental Insurance Hub.  These resources have been developed to assist dentists and their teams in overcoming dental insurance obstacles so that they can focus on patient care. 

Are you unable to find a helpful resource in the ADA Dental Insurance Hub? We recommend that VDA members who need help with appealing denied claims, resolving problems with insurers not responding, determining what type of benefits your patient has, etc., contact the Virginia Bureau of Insurance (BOI).  The BOI is a helpful resource when it comes to dealing with state registered insurance companies.  Their Managed Care Ombudsman can be reached at 877-310-6560, option 1 or at

If you are unable to get the help you need from the ADA resources or the BOI, you may submit a case to us for review.  Someone from the VDA will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.