2025 DDC



What: Attendees will receive a comprehensive policy and legislative briefing on oral health issues that may affect dentistry. The VDA Government Affairs team will be on hand to assist you in scheduling meetings with your legislators while you're in Richmond.

Why it’s important: Being well-informed about dentistry issues empowers you to advocate effectively with legislators, engage with your patients, and take advantage of opportunities to educate the general public.


What: Dentists and legislators from across Virginia are invited to an evening reception at the Omni Hotel, featuring heavy hors d'oeuvres and cocktails. The VDA's legislative reception is a must-attend event for Virginia's 140 state legislators, and they are eager to engage with and hear from our members.

Why it’s important: This marks one of the most opportune moments in the year to introduce yourself and enlighten lawmakers about the crucial issues confronting dentistry. If they're not hearing from you, they may be swayed by someone else who doesn't have your best interests in mind. Your engagement is key in ensuring your perspective is heard and understood.


What: Following an early morning policy breakfast featuring a keynote address from a special guest legislator (To Be Determined), VDA members will don their lab coats and take a brief stroll up the street to the new General Assembly Building. There, they will engage in meetings with legislators and their staff.

Why it’s important: Legislators and their staff have demanding schedules, but they pay attention to constituents who make an effort to be present. Each year, there is proposed legislation that could potentially complicate the practice of dentistry. It is crucial for lawmakers to comprehend the implications of such proposals from the dentists residing in their districts. Your active participation ensures that your concerns are heard and understood.


What: The VDA House of Delegates, along with its Committees and Councils, will convene to establish the agenda for the association in the upcoming year. We encourage you to consider signing up to serve as a Delegate for the VDA House of Delegates. For any inquiries, please reach out to Lynn Wisman.


Why it’s important: We will examine various issues impacting dentistry. All VDA members are invited to attend the VDA House of Delegates meeting to voice their opinions and stay informed about the issues as we collectively chart the course forward. Your participation is valued as we navigate the path ahead.


What: Our work isn’t over! We will continue updating members as the session moves forward and send out action alerts to make it easy for you to educate lawmakers on oral health issues and to thank them when they support good policies.  

Why it’s important: Every contact we make with lawmakers can make a difference. 

Bottom Line: Whether you can only join us for one event at Dental Days or for all events, you can make a difference in the future of dentistry in Virginia.