Save Time. Protect Patients.

New laws are sweeping the country and many major pharmacies now only accept electronic prescriptions for controlled substances. 

iCoreRx is an accurate, low-cost, and fully-compliant cloud-based ePrescription tool.  When you ePrescribe through iCoreRx you save time and protect your patients with:

  • Built-in Lexicomp drug directory to quickly and easily select drug and dose
  • Frequently prescribed drugs saved to your “Doctor’s Favorites”
  • Auto-save patient pharmacy preferences
  • Complete patient drug history
  • Interface capability with popular practice management systems
  • Audit trail of all sent prescriptions
iCoreRx+PMP for WHT

If you prescribe any Schedule II-V drugs, you need quick, simple access to the PMP to legally prescribe those medications.  Add the PMP function and you have one-step, real-time access to the Virginia Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP).

iCoreRx + PMP simplifies your mandatory prescription check and:

  • Provides real-time access to the latest state data in one step
  • Integrates with your EHR to avoid manual data entry
  • Is instantly viewable by prescribing provider

Member Benefit Information: 

VDA members receive a 43% discount off the regular monthly price.  That’s only $45 per month per provider when you sign up at iCoreConnect.com/VDA.  Add EPCS for an additional $9 per month.

Check out iCoreRx, Book a live demo, or call 888.810.7706.

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