Dental Medicaid Reimbursement Rates Increase July 1 in Virginia – Make Sure Your Office is Ready

Governor Youngkin ceremonially signed a budget June 21 that includes a 30 percent increase in dental Medicaid reimbursement rates. That change goes into effect July 1.

DentaQuest shared an important message about the reimbursement increase and making sure your office is prepared to bill appropriately for the new rates.  

DentaQuest Letter on Fee Increase/Fee Schedule

The 30 percent increase applies across the board to all dental codes and for all three programs: Smiles For Children, Pregnant Women and Adults. 

Also going into effect July 1, the budget includes funding and language requested by the VDA to require DMAS to cover necessary general anesthesia and hospitalization, or facility charges, for Medicaid eligible children under age ten receiving dental services who require such services.

The VDA fought to fund these important initiatives in the budget – more than $116 million in new annual funding in year one – to expand access to oral healthcare and will continue to advocate for members as they face challenges with third party payers. 

Watch the VDA News HUB in the coming weeks and we will post additional updates on Medicaid and billing as they become available. 

And read more about the VDA’s campaign to increase dental Medicaid reimbursement rates in the upcoming edition of the Virginia Dental Journal!