VDA Member Perks Announces Endorsement of Prosperident

Few business problems are as painful as discovering that an employee is stealing from you. Unfortunately, embezzlement in dental practices is all too common. And it is frequently a trusted and long-term employee who steals from you.

ADA research has shown that 48% of dentists have been victims of embezzlement, many of them multiple times.*

If you suspect embezzlement is occurring in your office, or if you want to set up safeguards to lessen the likelihood of it occurring, please contact Prosperident, the newest VDA Member Perks endorsed company for guidance. Prosperident is the world’s oldest and largest firm providing dental embezzlement prevention and investigation services to general dentists and dental specialists. Every member of its investigation team has a dental background (either as a dentist, office manager, or software trainer) and then trains extensively with Prosperident on how to be an investigator. When you work with Prosperident, you won’t spend your time educating its team about the business end of dentistry. They know it inside and out.

Learn More About Prosperident

Prosperident is giving VDA members free access to its Embezzlement Risk Assessment Questionnaire, (ERAQ) a $139 value. It will help you determine your risk of becoming an embezzlement victim and give you insight into whether it may already be happening in your practice.

Access the Free Embezzlement Risk Assessment 

Prosperident is able to perform stealthy investigations into your practices' financial transactions. Your employees will not know that anyone is suspected of wrongdoing. 

CONTACT: 888-398-2327 | requests@prosperident.com

*American Dental Association. (2019) 2018 CDP Survey on Employee Theft in the Dental Practice. Center for Dental Practice

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