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Competitive Health Insurance Reform Act Becomes Law

On Jan. 13 the Competitive Health Insurance Reform Act, H.R. 1418, was signed into law by the President.  

The ADA has been a longtime advocate of this bipartisan bill that reforms the McCarran-Ferguson Act of 1945 and ensures that health insurance companies are subject to all of the same federal antitrust laws that other businesses must comply with in the U.S.

The bill amends the McCarran-Ferguson Act to restore the application of the full range of the federal antitrust laws to the health insurance industry, but does not otherwise interfere with or impact the authority of state authorities to regulate health insurance provided under the act. It will allow for greater transparency and oversight into the health insurance industry.

The ADA has developed an FAQ for ADA dentists with questions about how this law will affect dentists and dental practices. Download the one-page summary and the ADA FAQ here.

The bill was supported by other dental organizations and consumer groups also advocated for H.R. 1418. Thanks to the multi-year grassroots efforts of many of the ADA’s member dentists the bill’s passage was finally a success.

Impact on Dentistry: When dental plan companies are compelled to compete fairly and transparently, over time we should begin to see increased innovation and choice for consumers and providers. As the dental plan marketplace changes, these dental plan companies might look for ways to distinguish themselves by offering better levels of coverage, expanded provider networks and services, and other improved features.