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Update from Board of Dentistry on Licensure Delays

We have heard from several members experiencing delays in the licensure of hygienists and associates. The Board of Dentistry provided the following response, along with some advice for how to smooth the process. 

The short answer is that COVID is still a very significant factor. Dentistry staff is still mostly teleworking.  Staff absences continue to occur. Mail is extremely slow or never arrives. Other state boards other sources of documents are not providing needed documents in a timely manner.  

Generally speaking, we are now processing and sending follow up  emails to new applicants in 5 to 7 business days requesting any missing documentation. If the application is complete and all requirements are met the license is issued within  2 to 3 business days.  

Two common issues:

  • Missing documents are a common source of delay – directly contacting the source (advanced program, school, board of dentistry or practice) to address missing documents can allow your application to be processed more quickly

The VDA will continue to focus on the licensure issue as it impacts our members’ ability to see patients in a timely manner and address the oral health needs in their communities.