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VDA Member-Exclusive Savings and Options to Comply with July 1 e-Prescribing Law

Starting on July 1st, all controlled substances that contain opioids in Virginia must be prescribed electronically. If your office prescribes controlled substances which contain an opioid, implementing a system for e-prescribing will be necessary in advance of July 1, 2020.
The VDA has been engaged on this issue and asked the Board of Dentistry to provide flexibility, recognizing the burden this mandate places on dental offices, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.
As the July 1 deadline approaches, VDA Members have a few options:

  • Make sure none of the exceptions to the law apply to your practice. The electronic prescription mandate applies to “any prescription for a controlled substance that contains an opioid,” but there are exceptions to that mandate. One of those exceptions is that the prescription is issued in accordance with an executive order of the Governor of a declared emergency. This would mean that, a dentist may prescribe a controlled substance and note that COVID-19, pursuant to Executive Order 51, prevents the use of e-prescribing for a specific opioid prescription.
  • If you have reviewed the law and would like to request a waiver, under certain circumstances the Board of Dentistry can grant up to a year’s delay in complying with the e-prescribing mandate. You can complete the waiver application here.
  • If you do not apply for a waiver, and you prescribe ​opioids, your practice will need to comply with the e-prescribing mandate by July 1, 2020. As an exclusive member benefit, VDA members can save more than $550/year with the iCoreRx e-prescribing services. That savings is more than your annual dues to the VDA. The service is compatible with most practice management systems and is integrated with Virginia’s prescription monitoring program. To learn more, contact the iCoreConnect team at 888-810-7706 or visit them online.