Through a partnership with the Virginia Department of Medical Assistance Services (DMAS), the VDA is pleased to offer members personalized assistance with Medicaid claims. 

Dr. Zachary Hairston, a VDA member dentist, and DMAS Dental Consultant, can assist and help resolve issues with Medicaid claim submissions.

“The Office Reference Manual (ORM) and the benefit limitations therein are purposeful. The ORM is a very useful guidance document. There are instances in our day-to-day practice when dental procedures may stand out as different. Even when dentists do all properly, denials can occur for various reasons. Denials may receive approval with another level of oversight and further discussion.”
“DMAS is thankful for our providers and wishes for them to be compensated fairly. To this end, the VDA has established a concierge relationship with DMAS. I encourage you to use this resource and share it with fellow dentists as we work to make Virginia’s dental Medicaid program one of the best in the country.”

- Dr. Zachary Hairston



Dr. Zachary Hairston
Claim documents for consideration should be submitted to CardinalCareSmiles@dmas.virginia.gov


When submitting your email, please be sure to provide an office contact name and phone number should Dr. Hairston need to speak with someone regarding the issue. You can expect to receive a response within two business days.

Please consider the information below before when proceeding with your inquiry:

  • The member must have Medicaid coverage for the procedure or payment in question on the date of service in consideration
  • Payment has been denied by DentaQuest, or the pre-authorization for work has been denied
  • A copy of the EOB denial and/or pre-auth denial should be sent to Dr. Hairston
  • A summary of a few sentences stating why the claim should be allowed should be included