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Summer Camp

VDA Members Talk Dental Hygiene with Summer Campers

On Friday, July 22, our members took on a fun assignment: educate campers in Northern Virginia on the importance of proper oral health!

Big thanks to Dr. Raymund V. Favis and Dr. Niloofar Mofakhami for volunteering their time and doing a great job with the children. The camp, organized by Fairfax Parks & Recreation, is the largest summer camp in Northern Virginia. Children came into the room in several groups over a two-hour period to learn about the importance of brushing, flossing and taking care of their teeth.

The program took place a month after another VDA dentist, Dr. Sanford Montalto, and his wife, Rebecca, a hygienist, volunteered to educate seniors on their oral health. The event took place at the South County Senior Center in Alexandria on Friday, June 24. The senior center is part of the Fairfax County Parks & Recreation system.

The VDA has one more volunteer opportunity this summer with Fairfax Parks & Recreation. On Friday, August 12, VDA members will address more campers on the importance of taking care of their mouths.